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Survival of the Prettiest...How to be single and sassy this Valentine's Day

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It's that time of the year again, where we focus on the word "love" and specifically the "couples." But how about the "single" ones? This is another season of evasion from the never-ending interrogation of the people around you, wanting to know "why" you are single. How do you survive these questions? Allow Bani to help you out.

Survival of the Prettiest... how to be single and sassy this valentine's day

If you think being in a relationship is hard, at times.

Imagine being single...on Valentine’s day.

Feb 14 is one of the few moments of the year where I hate being single. The other one is when it’s cold and I see a cute couple sharing an umbrella in the rain (emphasis on cute). It’s the time of the year when I look at affectionate couples holding hands, whispering and smiling and thought to myself, "When?"

Surely, I've waited long enough. In elementary, I told myself "High school is the right time". Then in high school "It will come in college". After 4 years in a coed university not lacking cute, smart and eligible guys, I told myself "I'll meet him after I graduate. When I'm ready to prioritize other things." Then after years of being employed and nearing the end of my twenties, I've stopped asking questions (and answering myself).

He will come, I know.  But I’m sure not gonna wait for him like a lovesick puppy and be miserable.

For the meantime, I just have to survive occasions where I feel the need (or envy) to be with someone.  Just so you know what these occasions are, here’s the list:

1.     Weddings – Nothing says “lonely” than being alone in a wedding.  First, because the majority of the weddings the we attend in our lifetimes are those of our friends and colleagues.  Meaning, people our age.  Remember the perennially irritating question “Ikaw? Kelan ka naman ikakasal?” (How about you, when are you gonna get married?). And then, the horror of being called to catch the bouquet and realize that you are the oldest single lady in the group.  Even now, I find it strange that it has become OK (if not a requirement) to bring someone to a wedding.  Even if the invitation states “we have reserved one (1) seat for you”.  People can’t help but blurt out “Bakit wala kang kasama?” (Why are you alone?)

2.     Family Reunions – This I cannot quite understand.  From the title itself, it’s a reunion of family members usually related by blood or marriage.  But why oh why, has this yearly event morphed as an ideal setting to bring and introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend of the moment.  Imagine the awkwardness if you broke up within the year and brought somebody else the following year.  Also, it confuses the family members, “I thought your boyfriend’s name was Nico? Now it’s Joshua?”

3.     Alumni Homecoming – Not only do you have to be surprisingly rich, unbelievably successful and popular, plus thinner, younger looking and happy, but you also have to boast of landing that attractive special someone and bring him/her to the alumni homecoming.  Maybe you just want him to meet your old classmates or most probably, you just want to piss off your ex who left you for a more popular girl in high school.

4.     Christmas – One word. SMP. I don’t know if this is a real organization, but with the ballooning number of apparent members, it must be one hell of a secret society.

5.     New Year – Who do you kiss when the clock strikes 12?

6.     Valentine’s Day – The day of love.  With the trend candlelit dinner, flower delivery and overbooked motels, this is probably the day that triggers the most suicidal thoughts for single ladies  The day when people deliberately ask you “What are your plans this valentine’s?”  seeking for a lonely answer so they can dish out unnecessary advise or gush about their everlasting happiness. 

So how do you survive these occasions?

There are actually two options. One, you can skip these events with the excuse of being busy (hence, they will conclude that the reason you’re single is because you are so career oriented or workaholic or just plain anti-social) or you can go to these events fashionably dressed, glowing with happiness and exuding that confidence that makes people (and guys) wonder and quip “I can’t believe she’s still single!”

Personally, I prefer the last one.  And it makes much more sense.

There you go. I'm sure a lot of ladies can relate to this article. Tell us more about it, comments are welcome below!

BTW, I think Bani is single. Guys out there, you might wanna give it a shot. Here's a start: follow her on twitter :) 

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