Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Free Stuff

Let me try this...

First of all I would like to say "good day" to you, and thank you for visiting my blog site. Feel free to browse on the topics as it may help you in some ways.
This is something new that I am going to do, so I am very sorry for any errors that will be committed. Rest assured I am going to make changes for those errors and continue on the good points.

As you may know I am also a member of some threads and music sites, and the thing is, you were brought here because of my post in one of those sites. For years now I was involved with buy-and-sell transactions; some I won, some lost, and some broke even. I have learned a lot in my journey as a musician, and now I want to try and venture on some things besides music. That does not mean I am going to leave the music scene; my heart belongs to it.

So this is how we are doing it: I have an item that I am giving away for FREE, yes you heard it, FREE. It may not be as pricey as you think, but heck, this is FREE, and nowadays everything has a price tag to it. It may be of any use to you, if you want to re-sell it then I don't mind. I do believe though, that we are all given in life a chance, and a choice, so here's the mechanics:

1. Read this post, and if you want to avail of the FREE item, post a comment below, in this format: your name, your username and from what site, your location, and pick a number from 1-9. I am accepting only nine, so that the chances of being picked are high. I will update my post from time to time to fill up the 9 slots, so I recommend you bookmark this post so you can see the progress.
example: John (user1234, philmusic) QC [3]

2. After all slots are filled up (all 9), drawing lots may be unfair, so I'm gonna try this: I am going to announce a game on TV that we will have to note for. (I usually watch basketball games, so an NBA or a PBA game may do). The final score of that game will be noted, and the LAST DIGIT of both scores taken, and added up. If the total equals a single number, that will be the LUCKY NUMBER, and whoever took that number will get the FREE item. If the total equals a two-digit number, then it will be added again to obtain a single number, and that will be the LUCKY NUMBER.
Confusing? Let me give examples.

For example I chose the game "LA Lakers vs Cleveland Cavaliers". Then the final score was 108-100. Take the LAST DIGITS of both scores: 8 and 0. Add them up and you got 8. The one whose name appears on that number wins the FREE item.

Another example: I chose the game "San Miguel Beermen vs Ginebra Gin Kings", and the final score was 99-79. Take the LAST DIGITS of both scores and you get 9 and 9. The total is 18, so we have to add them again in order to make it a single number, so 1 plus 8 = 9. 9 is the LUCKY NUMBER, and the one whose name appears on that number wins the FREE item.

It's that easy, right?

I am going to update the thread I posted this, to notify when the slots are full, what game to note for, the final score, and who won. I will personally contact the winner through private message, so it is important that you leave your username here.

As I've said a while ago, these stuff are FREE, though they may not be catchy, or pricey, they are still FREE. This is my way of giving back to the music community. Who knows, you just might see a Boss ME-70 lying around here in the near future! So stay tuned!

Now, for this inaugural edition of My Free Stuff, I am going to give away this nifty GUITAR STAND, very seldomly used because I owned guitars for a short while only. This is the perfect item for displaying your guitar at home, or if you wanna play your guitar but feeling lazy to take it out of the case then place it here.

This is absolutely FREE, guys. So, take your chance right now!

A note though. I am quite a busy man, and I am from the province. So I do my meetups at SM Fairview area only. Shipping for items are not available at the moment, please be guided. These stuff are for FREE, and they don't get much better that that, so if you think it's worth your time and effort coming to my preferred place then by all means register!

Here are the pictures:

 Here is a video showing the item:

I will keep everyone posted about the progress, so bookmark this page to get info.

Here is the list of those who registered. I'll be updating this from time to time.

(updated Jan 14, 2:02am)

1. Allan Valdez (voidmain, Philmusic) Frisco, QC 
2. Hanz Sapitan (hanzsapitan, philmusic) Nueva Ecija
3. Daks Santos, PhosHilaron (PhilMusic), Tipas, Taguig City
4. Jeremiah Sandoval (macloude,philmusic) QC
5. Bryan Sebastian (zero`cool, Philmusic) Caloocan City
6. Tata Bunda (diaboliche, philmusic) Talisay City, Negros Occidental 
7. Ronniel Paguiligan (appleseed,Philmusic) Malolos City,Bulacan 
8. Obie Canlas, obi (PhilMusic) Frisco, Q.C.
9. Toby Ramos (talentado,philmusic) Manila

Cast is complete!
So there are only 3 games for the NBA dated Thursday, Jan 13 (Jan 14 in our time). I pick the game between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets
Watch and note for the final score!

(Again, I have to stress that I am available for meetups only in SM FAIRVIEW or nearby areas. Shipping is not available. If in case you won and cannot go to SM Fairview, we will have to repeat the whole process until the winner is willing to get the item there. I hope I've made my point clear.)

Update (Jan 14, 11:56pm):

The final score for the Heat - Nuggets game is 130-102. Therefore the winner is hanzsapitan from Nueva Ecija!

Final update (Jan 17, 9:45pm):

Item received already! Congratulations once again, and, to answer the winner's question and for everybody's information, yes there is no limit as to joining the contest, whether you've won or not. It's a game of chance, so everybody's got one. Who knows, you just might win again! (It's your call though, if you want somebody else to win...heck it's all up to you!)

Here are his pictures (with permission, of course):

Congratulations once again to Hanz!
Thank you everyone for joining and stay tuned for more.

God Bless us all!


  1. wow, great stuff. too bad m from afar. good luck mate!

  2. wow! sali ako...

    Obie Canlas, obi (PhilMusic), Frisco, Q.C., (8)

  3. This is a good effort sir.. sana tumagal to.
    Anyway ill try my luck to register.

    Hanz Sapitan (hanzsapitan, philmusic) Nueva Ecija [2]

  4. Tata Bunda (diaboliche, philmusic)Talisay City Negros Occidental [6]

  5. sali din ako..:)
    ayos to ah!

    Jeremiah Sandoval (macloude,philmusic) QC [4]

  6. Daks Santos, PhosHilaron (PhilMusic), Tipas, Taguig City (3)

  7. @hanz,

    hopefully it would have a positive following, so I can do this from time to time. added you, thanks!

  8. @Tata,
    added you, pero how are you gonna get it?

  9. Allan Valdez (voidmain, Philmusic) Frisco, QC [1]

  10. Ronniel Paguiligan(appleseed,Philmusic, Malolos City,Bulacan [7]

  11. Bryan Sebastian (zero`cool, Philmusic, Caloocan City) [5]

  12. add me up!

    toby ramos (talentado,philmusic) Manila


  13. hope i could get to this part being able to give away music stuff :P sadly still im in the collecting part hahaha kaya please pa sali po!! :))

    Tedd Felisco (tedd, philmusic) QC [9]

    thankyou po!!

  14. Update (Jan 14, 11:56pm):

    The final score for the Heat - Nuggets game is 130-102. Therefore the winner is hanzsapitan from Nueva Ecija!

    I've sent a PM to the winner, discussions will follow. I will update the thread once he confirms to get the item or not.

  15. next item please... hahaha....

  16. thanks sir earl.. will post the photo later as soon as Dan arrived... excited sa next raffle :)

  17. Photos:

  18. congrats hanz!

    stay tuned for more! :)


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