Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Surprise Gift

November last year, I was chatting with my cousin Michael from California, and I was so amazed to learn that he was actually DJ'ing for a long time already!
He even holds productions and plays everywhere now. I got a chance to listen to his mixes and all I can say was I was so impressed. Having passion for music ever since, I admitted I wanted a shot at DJ'ing too, for a change of scenery. I played in a band for a long time, maybe the same time he was honing his skills in the tables. Too bad we never had to chat before due to the inavailability of the internet by that time.

This November when we chatted, he asked for my mailing address, to send the mixes personally! I was excited, but a bit hesitant at first; he may be busy to find time for it. 

Fast forward to last week. I was strolling at the mall feeling really bad, when I got this weird sms from home. My mom told me she received a package from the office, addressed to me. I was surprised at first, and rushed home.

And this is what I've got...

I already expected the cd's to arrive, but I wasn't expecting some snacks with it!

All I can say is, thank you very much cousin Michael! I hope you could come to our country, not for vacation, but as a performer! I WILL watch, for sure! Hopefully you can teach me some skills, too!

Make the people dance, the music endless, DJ ENDLESS!

(Me holding the card)

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