About me

Ten Things to know about the owner of this blog (updated 4/16/12)

1. I may not look like it, but I am capable of curing your disease (except "wallet cancer").
2. I have bought and sold at least 50 items in two years, and still counting.
3. I have finished almost all "Final Fantasy" games, in all platforms.
4. I am deadly in the three-point line when left alone.
5. I have performed in the stage a lot of times, be it playing a musical instrument, singing, dancing, even giving speeches.
6. I can read books even when they are turned upside-down.
7. I am versed in mixed martial arts, and I'm currently training to prepare myself to learn more.
8. I am a token-collector: I collected all tokens from every arcade shop I went to, since I was a little kid.
9. I can never live without my trusty laptop.
10. I am always looking for ways to improve myself and be the best of who or whatever I can be.

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