Thursday, May 19, 2011

My View of the World: Malaysia (part 1)

Took me a while to update, sorry about that :)

Our next stop is a country that is worth its billing as "Truly Asia."

From Singapore, our destination is to Harbour Town, where we are going to ride the bus to Malaysia. Travel time is about three hours.

Complimentary lunch. I tell you, Malaysian food tastes really good. More on that later.

A view of Kuala Lumpur made me think of it as some place here in our country, as evident in the pictures below.

Our first destination is Bukit Bintang Shopping center. This is a very busy and lively place especially during the night.

 Kentucky Fried Chicken in Malaysia. The good: bigger chicken servings. The bad: No gravy. Yup, you heard me. Apparently, the gravy we love is not available in Malaysia. Sweet and Spicy sauce is served instead.

 A touchscreen wall.

The Menara KL Tower is one of the more popular tourist spots. It is like the Sky Tower and Flyer of Singapore, where the whole of Kuala Lumpur is visible, along with an audio tour guide of the city's roots.

Inside the Menara Tower, a mini-safari zone is placed. The animal zone houses some pretty interesting animals.

 A reticulated python.

It's Sonic!

 These guys do know how to pose for the camera.

And of course, a visit to Kuala Lumpur will never be complete without visiting the Petronas Twin Towers. This is a sight to behold.

We had a small trip to KL Sentral. It is called as such because this is a central train station. Of course, a trip to a good dining place is necessary, and as always, the food is good.

 The muffins in Kenny Roger's look different than the one we are used to in our country...

...though we can agree on one thing...this looks MIGHTY tasty! (and sure is!)

Our last stop in this part is the Malaysian Parliament building, which has a place in Malaysian history. The cool thing about this building is the colors of the lights change at regular intervals, making it a good sight to see, not to mention staying at the park immediately adjacent to it.

Before going home, my good friend took me to Old Town Coffee, where I got to taste Malaysia's well-known recipe...

The famous Nasi Rendang Ayam (Supreme Rendang Chicken Rice) - a modification from Nasi Lemak. This won't be the last time I'm gonna feast on this, more later.
Nasi Lemak is Malaysia's food version of their Petronas Twin Towers - a must-see, a MUST-TRY!

If you like what you've just read,

Up next, we are going to one of the best theme parks, the Resorts World Genting Island.
Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Earl , I think u should go to Malaysian village or 'kampung ', if u want to find a place that offers beautiful scenery and has calm atmosphere !
    It will be much fun and quite thank Kuala Lumpur :)

  2. I love Malaysia! can't wait to come back there :)

  3. I would like to know the company name of the bus that took you to Malaysia from Singapore. How much did you pay? Fare inclusive of meal? Thanks!

  4. hey there Anon!

    check this site out for more info:


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