Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Free Stuff 1.3

My Free Stuff is back, and this time we have a different item.

Our item for today is for the computer afficionados, and I'm giving this away because I already bought my laptop, so I will not be using this anymore.

This benefits gamers and people who rely heavily on their keyboards, especially the ones who use their laptop keys heavily, as this will prolong your keyboard's life from the wear-and-tear of the gaming world (your WASD laptop keys will thank you dearly).

The rules for this are the same, you can read it here.

The item is an A4TECH Anti-RSI USB keyboard, black in color. Item is unused for a year now, and you can expect some dust on the inside of it. I never bothered opening it.

I will post pictures later.

Again, for the newcomers, same rules apply, read it here.

 this page, or

I will keep everyone posted about the progress, so bookmark this page to get info.

Again, the disclaimer:

This is absolutely FREE, guys. So, take your chance right now!

A note though. I am quite a busy man, and I am from the province. So I do my meetups at
 SM Fairview area onlyShipping for items are not available at the moment, please be guided. These stuff are for FREE, and they don't get much better that that, so if you think it's worth your time and effort coming to my preferred place then by all means register!

Here is the list of those who registered. I'll be updating this from time to time.

updated Jun 2, 7:07pm

6. John Enriquez (XwyhyX,philmusic) MANILA
8. Marvin Salaveria (martian163, Philmusic) Las Pinas
9. Tedd felisco(tedd, philmusic) QC



  1. sir meron pa po ba ito??
    if ever sali po ako :P

    Tedd felisco(tedd, philmusic) QC [9]

    salamat po ng marami :P

  2. sali po ako :D
    John Enriquez (XwyhyX,philmusic)MANILA [6]

  3. Marvin Salaveria (martian163, Philmusic) Las Pinas [8]

  4. Toby Ramos (talentado, Philmusic) Marikina (7)

  5. Romel Patupat (djpat2004, TPC)Batangas (5)

  6. JL Portuguez

    sir need ko free stuff mo
    a4tech anti rsi black keyboard
    aragon@tpc here..

    GOD Bless!!!


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