Friday, January 21, 2011

High School Nostalgia: Reminiscing Senior High

Ten years ago we were just a bunch of weirdos, and look where we are now. Some have made it to the top of their craft, others stay still wherever they are, and there are others who, well, still stay young.

Ten years after we are going to celebrate our reunion, and at least three ours before the grand show, let me take you back in time, to one of the most memorable events in high school - the Senior's Prom.

My advice is to start slow, reminisce, play a Hanson song or whatever, and view the pictures as if it were just last night. Enjoy.

Brushed-up hair was sexier than Marlon Brando.

There was a time when non-guitar players sucked. This was it.

Gambling was already the bomb.

The original EPSILON. Grand daddy seated to the left.

Girls literally went "nuts" over boy-bands and matinee idols.

In every picture there's always a guitar in it.

These were pictures taken before the advent of xx-megapixel cameras.

I have yet to find some more of these.

Comments (and bashing) are (very much!) welcome.

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