Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Video(s) of the Day (Basketball Fans, a Must-See)

In this segment of Video of the Day, we are going to feature not one, not two, but three videos. This is for sports fans, particularly basketball fans, who are familiar with the word "flopping."
Flop n. fall, move, or hang in a heavy, loose, and ungainly way: black hair flopped across his forehead.

In basketball terms (from our friends at UrbanDictionary):
When a basketball player falls unnecessarily, after little or no contact.

This is a common move in basketball, to get a foul from the offensive side. Sometimes though, players take flopping too much it looks foolish, but it still works in their favor.

Here's an example, watch Bulls #3 Omer Asik in his most famous rendition of a flop (credits to user realsssfreak from YouTube)...

Pretty neat, huh.

[Also a must-see: Dana White shows Floyd Mayweather Jr. who's the boss]

Here are some more flops from the NBA (courtesy of cdubbs1000 from YouTube):

Unfortunately, these flops are nothing near our main video. This may very well be the most epic flop a basketball fan has ever saw. I guess these dudes from the NBA should take flopping lessons from this guy.

Without further ado, watch and enjoy (courtesy of kobebrylant8 from YouTube)...

One of the best (if not the best) basketball bloopers of all time!

Comments welcome!

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