Sunday, March 18, 2012

My View of the World: Thailand (part 1)

This post was due a year ago, but it's worth waiting for.

Today we are going to a place with a vast interesting culture, beautiful scenery and a good travel destination overall. They call it the "Land of Smiles."


First thing we did upon landing was to find a good place to eat. We went into a fine restaurant, and were served with delectable meals. Some were quite spicy (Tom Yum soup), nevertheless, it was all good.

The great Pad Thai noodles

"A" for effort of presentation

[Looking for some place to go? Let The Earl Site guide you, click here.]

We stayed at Baiyoke Sky Hotel, in my opinion a great place to stay due to their great breakfast package, nice place, and is seated very near the night market.

View from our room

That cool refreshing drink :)

Breakfast at Baiyoke (forgot to take a picture of the scenery)

The Night Market, in daytime

Our last stop for this day is the Grand Palace. Almost every tourist who comes to Thailand never leaves the country without even once setting foot on this sacred and beautiful place. This is home to Thailand's rich culture, truly an awe-inspiring place.

Shoes and cameras are prohibited inside the temples. Shorts and skirts are prohibited inside the whole place.
A view of one of the palaces, including my hair

Such a great work of art

Portrait of the King

Part one of our travel in Thailand has come to a close. There is not much to say about the place, for one, the pictures will speak of it. Tune in to part 2, where we drive further from Bangkok to visit one of the most loveable animals.

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