Friday, December 31, 2010

Scouting Report #1

My Scouting Report (December 31, 2010)

Our next opponent is the Olympus team, and I have learned that we are a win ahead of them, meaning they have not won in this tournament yet. Luckily I have watched their game, and I am going to analyze their strategies here.

Key Points:
·      Two big players, one in the middle, the other playing outside
·      Outside gunner off the bench
·      Crisp inside passing
·      Good inside game
·      Playing with one of the best point guards in the league

Key Point #1:
            They have 2 big men, one playing inside and the other roaming outside. The inside man has a decent post up game mainly for fishing expeditions on the opposing team’s big men, so a 1-3-1 defense is not advisable unless entry passes can be prevented. The outside man on the other hand has a decent mid-range to 3-point shot, and oftentimes slashes to the basket for a drop pass, and only a drop pass to the big man. For this, a solid 2-1-2 defense will be necessary to both cover the outside shots especially from the quarter-courts and push the post-up player outside of their comfort zone.

Key Point #2:
            Be wary of an outside threat usually coming off the bench. This guy loves to take the 3-point shot on the quarter-court side, either left or right. Key here is to take away the inside game right from the start so that kick-out passes can be prevented. He is solely an outside threat and will likely stay that way, so perimeter defenders need to keep an eye on him when he’s on the court.

Key Point #3 and 4:
            The 2 big men love to pass inside; usually starting from a drive then taking at least 2 passes before arriving to the other big man for the score. This is their bread-and-butter play most teams do not notice. Due to the height of their big men they can catch the ball inside and score easily. First we need to prevent penetrations by tightening the defense on the perimeter, then if ever the perimeter defenders get beat up then the interior D need to at least put their hands up to disrupt any inside passes. Also I’ve stressed out earlier the need to push the big men away from their comfort zone.

Key Point #5:
            I am very surprised they are a losing team when they have one of the best point guards in the league. This guy loves to look for his teammates more than his shot, but be wary because he also has a good slashing game that can get him anywhere for the dish or the score. I will have to employ a 2-2 zone defense and let the fastest perimeter guard check on him on times, just to disrupt his rhythm. He tends to get hasty whenever his rhythm is disrupted, so this may be a key to victory.

Though I have learned they have the worst record, we can’t relax on them. They are actually capable of beating any team. We cannot be THAT team.

·      Deny post-up game
·      Disrupt point guard’s offensive rhythm
·      When there’s a chance, RUN! Especially when the big men are inside
o   We can only initiate our fast paced offense once we SECURE THE REBOUND, so BOXING–OUT is CRUCIAL
·      Pay special attention to outside shooters. They may not kill us always, but they will once the rhythm is set.
·      Put your hands up in the zone! This prevents passing in the interior, something that they love

Remember, guys, once our defensive strategy is employed then our offense will follow immediately. Trust me on this.

Let’s win this game!

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