Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Top Ten Dating Mistakes For Guys (Part 2)

A few days ago I wrote the first part of this segment. I got a lot of good responses from my friends (especially the women). It's nearing V-day, and the guys are anticipating the last part. So without further ado, let's continue.

If you missed the first part, here it is.

I would just like to take mistake number 5 here, because it closely relates to mistake number 6.

5. Moving too fast
  • As guys, we love the feel of a girl's skin in our touch. We tend to move fast in touching a girl. Being too touchy shows a severe lack of self-discipline. 
  • Another example of moving too fast is confessing too early with your intentions. Have the self-discipline to NOT TELL what you feel right away (again, women love MYSTERY).

6. Moving too slow
You know you're doing well when you get to this.
(Image credits here)
  • This is one of the most important things guys neglect but must pay attention to. 
  • The key here is to take progressive steps toward showing your romantic intentions. Not only will this show a lot of the manly traits women desire, this will also tell the girl that you are "romantically interested" with her.
  • Moving too slow will set you up to be placed in the dreaded FRIEND ZONE (or the "better-than-nothing" justification for guys. Come on, do you really want another "friend" that you fancy?)

7. Not relaxing

There's nothing more refreshing than a fun conversation
with a confident person. (Image credits here)
  • Ok you're with the girl on a date. Now, guys tend to get nervous when they're with a girl they really like. It's a normal occurrence but you have to suppress any nervous vibe because she can catch it. Girls have very keen senses, and they can sense lack of confidence like bad cologne even a mile away.
  • Avoid useless movements (fidgeting), stuttering and stammering sentences (uhm...well...) and uncomfortable silences (but there's an advanced technique to make silences into gold mines, more on it later). 
  • Exude confidence at all times. If waiter splashes water on you, just say, "it's alright, you must have had a long day." Be cool, calm and collected, and she'll love to be with you.
  • A good practice is to go out with your girl friends (I sincerely hope you have some...not the girls who FZ-ed you because you still get to pay for their shit, haha). Expose yourself with girls and it will increase your confidence. Or, get some experience in your belt by actually dating girls you like as well. The more you get used to it, the more relaxed you will become.

8. Acting too needy and clingy
  • This is a sure-fire TURN-OFF if you become this type of guy. Here are some tendencies of being needy:
  • Yes miss, we very much understand you. (Image credits here)
    • Being too apologetic
    • Asking for her comfort too much (um, are you okay? - asking this for 1236713123 times)
    • Asking her to decide for things esp. where to eat
    • Always at her sights, being always with her except going to the washroom
    • I really don't want to say this, but I hope you guys don't ASK your girls to foot the bill. This guarantees no more dates for you
    • Trying too hard to impress her, make her laugh to the point of being TRYING TOO HARD
    • And many others!
  • Being needy and clingy gives off a vibe that the guy's ability to decision making, having a fun time and overall feeling good is highly dependent of her experience of the date.
  • If you have these tendencies, please BRUSH THESE OFF FOR PETE'S SAKES!

9. Going too long when things are doing good
  • Never overstay your welcome. There's a certain point in a person's state of mind called "satiety." No matter how much effort you put into the date, there will come a time that the girl will feel "full" and "enough;" that is her satiety point of the date.
  • The solution? End the date when things are going really good. Or, set up a time frame for a date, and no matter what, end it when that time comes. I usually go out a maximum of three hours, no matter how enjoyed we both are.
  • This principle is used in the TV and Show business. Imagine watching your favorite TV show and then suddenly the "TO BE CONTINUED" sign pops up, how does that feel? Makes you want more, right? The cardinal rule in showbiz is this: "Always leave them wanting more." Make her want you more.

10. Not having a plan
  • I'm sure a lot of girls will not agree on this (because they want "serendipity" and "spontaneity") but you guys have to have a concrete plan on what to do next, especially if there are roadblocks and obstacles coming your way (and believe me, you WILL encounter a lot of them).
  • Always plan at least two steps ahead. You'll never go wrong with your dates that way. Heck, your time, money and efforts would be spent really well if you do this.

There you go, the top dating mistakes for guys. I hope you guys and girls learned a thing or two in this segment. Now go out there guys, and make me proud!

Comments are always welcome below. :)


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