Friday, November 4, 2011

My View of the World: Malaysia (part 2)

Our trip to Malaysia would not be complete without visiting the famous Resorts World Bhd Theme Park seated at the top of Genting Highlands.

Our first stop, First World Hotel. Not the best hotel in all of Genting, but we only needed a place to stay for rest.

The hotel lobby. 

They still use the old bells here.

Resorts World is seated at Genting Highlands. And it really IS a high land. Check out the clouds.

This is the view from above.

I have never been to Disneyland before (believe me, I will next time), and to the so-called "best" theme park in our country (EK, yeah I'm talking to ya!) but I had a lot of fun at Genting Highlands, and here are some of the pictures I took. 

These are camera phone pictures, so please be gentle. :)

This is the "Caterpillar." It's a slow ride, and rightfully so, because it takes you to a view of the whole theme park. The succeding pictures are taken from my ride on the Caterpillar.

After the Caterpillar, we get to tour the whole park.

Bumper Boat Area

Of course our tour will never be complete without a taste of what the island has to offer in terms of culinary expertise, something a gourmand like me loves doing. We got to eat our mid-afternoon lunch at Marrybrown.

(For more information on Marrybrown, visit their website.)

Two thumbs up for Marrybrown!

After the sumptuous meal, we continued walking...

 Clouds engulf the theme park. By now you have an idea how high this place is.

I saw some nice-looking rides along the way...

Whew! That was a lot of fun! Unfortunately our time was up, and we have to go to the next destination. Next time, we go to the Land of the Smiles. 

Stay tuned!

Resorts World Genting is a place I highly recommend you visit when you're in Malaysia. For more details go to their website at


  1. Gotta love theme parks! :)

    I've heard Genting is nice. Too bad I haven't had the chance to visit it yet.

  2. Wow, looks like a fun place to visit! I've never been to Malaysia. A friend told me that there's nothing much to do in Malaysia. Another friend said she had fun there. Anyway, if ever I got the chance to go to Malaysia, I will definitely visit Resorts World Genting.:)

  3. @cheerfulnuts,

    yeah, it's a must to go to Genting :)


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